14 September, 2016

4 of the most basic mistakes when cooking rice sisters

Sometimes just the usual habit of cooking can also make your meals loss of appetite, even as violating the most basic mistakes, affect health.

Here are 4 basic mistake when cooking rice that anyone can suffer from:

Pot lid as soon as a new rice cooker automatically jump button

In the process of cooking rice cooker will automatically swing dance from cooking to warming mode. But even then you should not open soon that region should wait 10 minutes and then slowly swung open before eating.

Many people share, the lid as soon as the rice cooker to make rice paste cooked, delicious loss of capital. Many housewives also carefully by rice cultivators and turned back again before eating.

Wash rice too closely

Caution is a good deed in life. But be careful so the excess merchandise. Specifically when no little sister cook crumpling too many times.

Even vo until they see the new water to make sure that the rice was clean. The main things to make rice loses some inherent nutrients.


Many women often mistake too closely rice jar

The fact that nutrition experts say you should only stir gently patted the dirt, to get the residue out of rice. Avoid strong pitcher, pitcher led to the loss of many nutrients.

Select the white rice, too perfumed

No less popular and sisters often form should you buy to select the type of rice, refined white mẩy. Even they choose scented rice features as aromatic rice think, more delicious.

As recommended by nutrition experts as fragrant rice, white as the more likely to use flavored flavor, odor. The less chemicals affect human health.

Cook the rice in cold water

The cook with cold water is common mistake of many housewives. Even the most experienced users can also this fundamental mistake.


For a delicious bowl of rice do not know how sisters

According to nutrition experts to cook rice in cold water with electric cooker though cast iron pot or stainless steel pot or wood stoves are not good. Nutrition experts recommend that you cook with boiling water will shorten the cooking time will cause the rice grains cooked more evenly, more flexible.

Nutrition experts also pointed out that, cook rice in cold water will accelerate the process of opening up of the rice makes the nutrients dissolve in water. And cooking with hot water, the outer layer of the rice grains will rapidly shrink and form a protective layer to help grain is not broken out.