14 September, 2016

How to identify contaminated vegetables should definitely know

Situation vegetables contain harmful chemicals spread on the Vietnamese market has left consumers confused and scared. Moreover, they are extremely confused in how to recognize fresh fruit vegetables with contaminated vegetables.

Here are tips to recognize vegetables contain chemicals, Chinese vegetable of any housewife would need:

1. Vegetables


Experts said the pale green vegetables than usual, likely to be planted under the influence of artificially high. In particular, it can be planted in the greenhouse season and received the support of drugs harm human health.


According to scientific studies, vegetables are grown naturally, when metabolism under sunshine will boost production of chlorophyll. As a result, more dark green vegetables (Artwork)


Typically, each vegetable with a flavor and character. So who enjoy unusual smell smells smelly vegetables truth of it, the ability of vegetables have absorbed too much pesticide.

2. Tomatoes


Spray tomatoes grow more drugs will become stiff, even when it was red ripe. Therefore, consumers should choose the soft ripe fruit. Experts recommend that, where they are forced to use the growth of tomatoes, you should let the tomato housewife at room temperature for 2-3 days. When we have natural tender is brought to use, because liquids red tomatoes (lycopene) are harmful to health will fade down.


Consumers should choose the red shell tomato, tender (Artwork)


Red tomatoes in blue proved beyond them hydrated nine forced medication. This substance makes uneven ripening tomatoes. Therefore, consumers should not restrict choice and fruit so!

3. Radish cracking

Favorite family dishes made from beets to note to its original state. According to experts, radishes being split as a sign of the growth stimulant suck too much. Meanwhile, the beets will grow not by nature, leading to cracking, breaking, …